Congratulation Mrs. Pany Yathotou!
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2006-03-22 06:49:16 UTC
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2006-03-22 12:44:45 UTC
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Please write to all the Hmong anti-LPDR factions that you have
connections with about this news of Mrs. Pany Yathotou's elevation to
the highest political body of Lao PDR. They might not like it or want
to hear about it, but they surely wish to have the same opportunity.
They can always dream about going back to Laos for certain power, and
pay all the necessary tickets to arrive at their destination. Good

2006-03-22 14:40:15 UTC
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My sincere congratulation to Pany Yathotou and all Hmongs and Lao.
Other than she is the leader to many Hmongs and Lao, she is one of the
goldern bridge between Hmong a Lao.

2006-03-22 15:34:33 UTC
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another corrupt puppet, tell us something we don't already know.
2006-03-22 15:45:55 UTC
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Dear All:

This is a golden opportunity for a big surprise celebration isn't it?
Common, let's invite all of the Hmong politicians, lawyers, and doctors
all over the world pull a surprise part for her. We should find a time
this summer and book a plane to meet with her for biggest accomplish in
Laos or invited her to the US and we could throw the biggest party for
her. You all heard the cliche, "You can't beat them, join them."
Perhpas this is a time to make correction or make things turn around.

Use any political motivation, correction, and persuavation will be the
only source now. I hope she still have any Hmong blood in her or has
been suck dry by the LPDR.

2006-03-22 16:45:05 UTC
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i want to congratulate Pany for her accomplishment too, as she is very
dearly close to moi...., but somewhere in mind i still have question as
she is a hmong lady and married to a Lao, and then as for future her
decent would all be lao, not hmong because her husband is Lao. would
her husband has any major player or affecting the out come as to where
she is at the moment? that is still remain an answer that i cannot
clearly answer as yet.

Mysterious King
2006-03-22 18:14:03 UTC
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True, Phany deserves some congratulations. However, it is sad to see
that Phany's promtion may not be a true gain, but an actual loss to
Hmong people in Laos. Surely, everyone understands the communist's way
of promoting someone who can never compete with them. Phany's
promotion may just be a way to shut Hmong up. It would be a miracle if
Phany ever becomes the President of Laos.

I am curious, can someone please provide Phany's bio/credentials? This
is not to belittle Phany's achievement. I just want to know what real
chance Phany have in affecting the LPDR. Thanks.
2006-03-22 19:12:57 UTC
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I am not sure about her education, but according to the Thai article
stated that she was the head of Lao National Banks as you probably read
it. Whatelse did people knows about her life and education background.
Please shed some light here please. For certain, I don't want see a
pupet show or scarecrow. I also would like to know more on how the
LPDR credited her as a Hmong woman, a Lao woman, a woman, or simply a
political ball to stuff in all the Hmong in Laos's so they could be
proud but aren't able to do anything. Mirror,mirror on the wall, who
will take all.

2006-03-22 20:20:06 UTC
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I was stumble on her picture and would like to know and see who she is.
From Vientianetime.com information

National Assembly
(Ban Thatluang)
President of the NA H.E.Mr. Samane VIGNAKET
Vice-President of the NA H.E.Mrs. Pany YATHOTOU
Chairman of Secretariat and Chief of Cabinet
Reception Division

and here if you would like to see who she is:

She is one heck of Hmong woman, but sorry she is no longer Hmong.

2006-03-22 22:06:46 UTC
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Hey, hey,

How come you are so obsessed with the election of Pany to the LPRP
political bureau, and continue to underestimate her? Who is your Hmong
anyway? Tell me.

Are GVP, Paj Kaub Hawj, DYD, Mee Moua, Moua Toua Ther, Cy Thao the
examples of Hmong that you know about, or else. Or only yourself are

2006-03-22 21:58:26 UTC
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kuames iab,

the reason she is where is now, she has already here in the state few
times to pick up funding checks and cashes from the white house of the
United of States of America.


2006-03-24 02:40:52 UTC
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Hmong Lao

I agree with you. We should all congratulate Pany (Paj) Yathaotou for
her promotion. Only in Laos and maybe Vietnam that Hmong could climb
to such a height in the government. In Thailand, Hmong could only go
up to KamNam i.e Tasseng, no more. Many young Hmong in Thailand who
graduate from Thai University end up growing vegetables for sale.
2006-03-24 14:39:55 UTC
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Nice to here from you. You are correct on Hmong in Thailand, although
not only Hmongs in Laos and Vietnam that can gain such high rank in
governing. Hmongs in US and China may have gain or will also gain a
high rank, as long as they are loyal to their own country.
2006-03-24 16:01:47 UTC
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es koj puas xav li Dr Gary Yia Ly hais no mas...just food for thought?
read below...


gylee <***@iinet.net.au> wrote:


Ua cas peb yuav txhawj txog Hmoob tau nom ua luaj. Tau ua los yeej zoo
kawg mas, tab sis yuav yog txawj hlub pej xeem. Li niaj hnub nos ces,
peb muaj chaws nyob es sib sib zog nrhiav noj nrhiav haus xwb kuj yog
lawm thiab vim peb Hmoob tau nom uas thaum twg ces pheej yog rov tsim
cov neeg thiab muab lawv ua luam noj - like right now all around you in
here. Yog zoo li no, tej zaum luag lwm hom neeg ua nom kav Hmoob tseem
zoo dua los muaj pob.

Yog koj xav paub peb Hmoob tau nom coob npaum cas tim Nplog teb thiab
lawv tej teeb meem (compared to pre-1975) nos koj nyeem kuv daim
hais txog Hmoob Nplog nyob hauv phau ntawv "Hmong/Miao in Asia" edited
Michaud, Tapp, Culas and Lee (2004). Kuv mus research on the spot los
tsis yog lam xav lam hais. Kuv vam tias yuav pab kom peb paub zoo

Nyob zoo

2017-02-08 00:37:06 UTC
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Than go back to laos and contribute
2017-02-08 23:32:45 UTC
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What can anyone to contribute in a corrupted country
2006-03-22 21:57:20 UTC
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Brother Sayasith,

Proud to see a Hmong lady is climbing the ladder to the top. Hope that
more Hmong could be admitted to the same honorable stage too. Zoo siab
rau peb los koj tus muam ntawd thiab.

Moua Sao
2006-03-22 23:40:20 UTC
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Cov Phoojywg,

Nws yog ib qho zoo rau peb sawvdaws kawg uas muaj tej tug muam/phauj
tuav tej position siab li Pany. Txawm li cas los peb txhob zoo siab
dhau los chim siab dhau es muab coj los hais kom luag ib txhia to taub
yuam kev. Lub teb chaws LosTsuas tsis yog peb Hmoob yuav yog tus make
policy, nationally/Internationally. Peb sawvdaws tseem tshuav dej num
ntau yuav tau ua thiaj nrog luag muaj npe.
2006-03-23 18:56:27 UTC
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Kuv lam nug koj txhob xav li cas mog. Kuv paub ib tug tub kawm ntawv
nyob lat huang xyoo 1960 lub npe hu ua Yaj Hawj. Koj puas yog tus
2006-03-24 06:08:47 UTC
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Hi Chaol:

I presume that Yaj Hawj you mentioned here is a cousin of DYD. I am a
little older than Yaj Hawj's big brother Yaj Tsaij. I was 14 in 1960
and studied in the Xiengkhouang town. YH lives with his family in
Brooklyn Park after 25 years in France. You may reach YH through DYD's
phone number in the Hmong phone directory.

2006-03-24 20:12:32 UTC
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Hi Sys

Thank you for responding to my post. I know Yaj Tsaij very well but I
don't think Yaj Hawj is related to Yaj Tsaij. Yaj Hawj yog Hmoob Laj
Huab thiab nyob laj Huab xyoo 1960.

Rov qab ua tsaug dua.
2006-03-24 23:28:05 UTC
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Yaj Tsaij's family came from North Vietnam in 1954 after the French
lost the Dien Bien Phu battle. They lived at the village of Lat Houang
until 1960. And Tsaij has a brother whose name is Hawj. If this Hawj
is not the one you were looking for, I cannot help you any further.


2006-03-24 03:09:27 UTC
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You all are stupid,

Why are you people are so stupid, when the communist appointed the
dumbest Hmong lady to work with them. You have to understand that there
is no laos women get a chance to work with these military corrupted
leadership and why would a stupid women like her get to work with
them............beside that she doesn't consider herself to be a Hmong,
why are you stupid people claiming that she is hmong and proud of this
and that.

Are you happy if i appointed one of the dumbest person of ur team to
work for me if i were the president? I thik ur not.
The communist only do this to make u stupid people happy. In reality,
she can't do anything, make any policy, have no hmong loyalty, she is
the communist bitch that try to drive you stupid people the communist
so they can poison you and kill you one by one.

U have to understand that why don't they appoint xayker, chalern,
vilai, tong ger them to, cuz these people are smarter than her, have
loyalty hmong people and still be Hmong while pany stupid is not hmong
anymore and she is stupid and have no hmong loyalty. Her loyalty is the
communist laos and she will do what is interest the communist, not

YOu all are stupid,
2006-03-25 00:12:31 UTC
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The questions that should be used to process the LPDR's claim of change
in its political system is how Mrs. Pany Yathotou elevated to her rank.
Was she elected by the people and for the people? Can she be voted out
of office? What are her terms and limits? The LPDR can replace all of
its Politburo with Hmong, Mien, Thaidam, etc., but without some serious
reform based on the pillars and principles of democracy and freedom,
the wind of change will keep drifting further left.
Post by s***@lycos.com
Please write to all the Hmong anti-LPDR factions that you have
connections with about this news of Mrs. Pany Yathotou's elevation to
the highest political body of Lao PDR. They might not like it or want
to hear about it, but they surely wish to have the same opportunity.
They can always dream about going back to Laos for certain power, and
pay all the necessary tickets to arrive at their destination. Good
2006-03-23 05:09:14 UTC
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Give the lady a break. Who cares what system she won in. She won. Be
happy for her if not than you go and run for something and then have
people bash you doing something good. The fact is that she got
somewhere, I don't care how, she did it. She must have some skills to
get to where she is.

About the big surprise party. It would be great, but I don't think her
government will ever let her leave Laos and come to the US to meet a
whole bunch of HMONG. For goodness sake we might plot to take over
2017-03-17 14:24:31 UTC
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Here is thai New about the election result which said a former Hmong
woman LPDR Political party has rised to the top. Becareful because
what goes up must come down and when it's down, it's down hard, however
congratulation Pany. Even though you are eating sticky rice, your
blood still Hmong.
Thai News: "กับ นางปานี ยาทอตู้
รองประธานสภาแห่งชาติ และ
Pany is Lao Name. She is mixing Lao, maybe she is Meo, or maybe Vietnamese Montagnard, oh n